Updated Aggregate Reporting email - now no reporting


I updated my aggregate reporting email within my DNS entry but it appears that I now no longer have any reporting showing on my dashboard since the change.

Firstly, are my emails still being DMARC’d successfully - I can’t see how changing the reporting email would affect the pass / fail for DMARC, but it’s a worry.

Secondly, how do I fix this?

I’ve used the email address which appears under Preferences and double-checked that is is correct in the DNS entry. I’ve ran the DMARC Inspector tool and it shows my DMARC settings as valid and correct.

Is it just a matter of waiting?

Thanks in advance.

If you only changed the reporting address to another valid address, then DMARC processing should not be affected.

You didn’t write neither your initial nor your changed DMARC record or reporting address so we can but guess as to why your reporting seems to have ceased.

However, if you are or used to be EU based, and your change was prompted by recent messaging on the portal or by mail from dmarcian.com or from dmarcadvisor.com, then you may want to look at DMARCian EU data breach - Community Area - dmarcian forum and make sure who’s portal you are using.

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Hi opvind,

Having checked this morning, it all appears to be working again, even for the missing days (Thurs and Fri).

Thanks for the reply and advice, thought - really appreciated!