Aggregate report from Microsoft

Hi All,
I am noticing that since July 10th I am no longer receiving DMARC reports from Microsoft Corporation (
This happens on 2 of my domains, while on another domain I still receive them regularly.
It seems like my problem at this point, but I don’t know where to look anymore.

  • I receive RUA and RUF on a single email address (I have not separated them) and on the domain where I still receive Microsoft I have different RUA and RUF addresses. Could this be it?

For all domains I have hard fail SPF and DMARC none or quarantine policy.

For one of domain I receive them and for other 2 domains I do not receive them.
Same mail server (Google Workspace) and same method to receive RUA/RUF (Google Groups on its own domain).

Has this ever happened to you?

No, but I have only ever used the address assigned by DMARC reporting tools. Sending DMARC reports to a Google Group or an individual’s mailbox doesn’t seem like an efficient way to handle XML reports. Does your current approach meet a specific need that wouldn’t be better served by a reporting service?

Sure, I use Google Groups and I forward to an Inbox where I can parse all the email with IMAP and DMARC parser tool.
I think Microsoft doesn’t send officially RUA and someone say also that Microsoft it’s not conform to RFC standard because there are some misconfiguration on email with report.