Not receiving DMARC Google Reports

When I look at Data Reporters - I see Google as one of the largest ones - but when I limit the review to our domain - Google is not showing as a data reporter. We send 10k’s emails to google accounts each day. Any ideas on how to resolve this? DKIM, SPF, etc all pass the validators and we know email is getting through from our traffic

Hi @sdxcentral, thats odd for sure. Sorry this was your experience, but I think I can get the data to pop for you.

give this a try:

  • Navigate to the Detail Viewer -
  • Choose the desired date range (default is 7days on load. I recommend selecting more than a single day)
  • Hit Recalculate (blue button at right hand side) if you do in change the date range
  • In the ‘Choose Reporters’ field, start typing ‘google’ until the auto-complete activates, select ‘
  • Hit Recalculate
  • DMARC data , as reported only by Google should now be displayed.

Hope that helps!