DMARCian EU data breach

What is the meaning of the post here:

I received a confusing e-mail with nearly the same content. They are asking me to change the DNS of all my domains on the European instance. My domains on other instances can be accessed normally.

What’s going on?

I totally agree.
I haven’t got an email, but this is very confusing and very unprofessional.
My account has been on, and has now been moved to
It seems like the group behind seems to think there has been a data breach.
Please find a common ground as quickly as possible, this is bad for everyone. was subject to a brand attack by a former licensee in The Netherlands. stopped cooperating with the ex-partner on January 22nd, 2021 and limited their access to our operations and platform so they could continue to service current contracts without illegally selling future services. Customer Data was never lost, altered, moved or denied for current customers but rather dmarcian took actions to protect customers from abuse by the former partner.

Unfortunately, dmarcian customers trying to access accounts on (a domain which the former partner has not relinquished) are now being redirected to an unauthorized copy of the dmarcian application. The copy is apparently being operated by the unlicensed partner who is also telling customers to re-set log in and password information which is hosted at a non-dmarcian URL.

dmarcian customers are serviced through and customers should be suspicious of anyone or any service pushing their business and their data away from our trusted domain.

Always check the URLs of where you and your data are being directed to. All legitimate dmarcian communications and service will come from in all other regions as well.

Other sites are NOT associated with and therefore, do not have the rights to use our brand or sell our services

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So what you are saying is that the legal entity we as users have signed up to is, but right now you ( have the user data? Even though we did not give consent to you for storing this data, but only to


That is incorrect.

I’d be happy to speak with you specifically 4nd3r5. Please contact me at

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Where is the data being stored?
How does this impact GDPR? The Terms of Service EU page seems to be directed to the US terms of service.

Does this in any way constitute a ‘personal data breach’ or ‘data leak’ as per the Data Processing Addendum?


I wrote to Ton Fernandez more than a week ago, asking for clarification on the European part of your business, but never got a reply. I have also e-mailed Tim Draegen and tried using your contact form - no one seems to answer. All my invoices have dmarcian Europe BV on them, so I feel quite the same way as 4nd3r5.


@dmarcmellow’s message is posted verbatim on Reddit by @dmarcianCEO:

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Back in September 2020 a message appeared briefly on the portal recommending customers to change reporting domain to from the previously used domains and

When asked directly about this, support labelled it “internal miscommunication”, but in retrospect it may have been a sign of a building disagreement between dmarcian EU and dmarcian Inc.

While I understand that ongoing litigation may limit what the parties want to say in public, I have an uneasy feeling that we’re served half truths from both sides.

I wish that this can be sorted out quickly, and that EU customers can keep subscribing to a service hosted in the EU by an EU based data controller. Working under SCC or other band-aids would be troublesome.

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Any update on this situation @dmarcmellow ? It has now been several months and there have been no blog posts or official information beyond your forum post.

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