Outlook & Ent Outlook not sending reports

Does anyone know why Outlook/Ent-Outlook have not sent any reports (to Dmarcian) since April 16?

I’ve found other people reporting the same thing from exactly the same date.
Seems similar to the last time in February where Microsoft did some update that resulting in malformed SMTP requests going out which were rejected by receiving mail servers. The fix was to reverse the update. So maybe they have just blindly reapplied the same update?
Not a thing received for seven days now.
Pretty poor from such a prominent organisation.

Just wanted to say, I have noticed the same thing. I was just about to put a support case in and saw this post. Glad it’s not just me!

Shame there is no official acknowledgement from MS.

I can confirm Microsoft has not been sending any DMARC reports from their 365 and consumer webmail infrastructure since April 16th. We reached out to Microsoft to report the issue and asked for ETA in resolution, but we have not received a response yet.

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I had the same issue, but today I received 6 DMARC reports from (enterprise.)outlook.com: from April 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, so I think that MS is catching up after having solved the problem.

We are beginning to see backfill of data coming from Microsoft 365 infrastructure. While I can’t confirm if all data is expected to be backfilled and any ETA, it is clear that Microsoft is now sending report for dates since the outage was first noticed.

I’ve also seen some reports from enterprise outlook, so getting there.