Domain in Monitoring Inactive

Hi , My test Domain are still marked as inactive in dashboard ( and we are unable to seen stats or reports for the domain, what could be wrong here ?

Domain :

Thank You./

Hi @prasana,

Your domains will remain classified as ‘inactive’ until the application sees email volume having been sent. With that said, if these are test domains + you don’t send mail on them (or a meaningful amount), then its likely your test domain will remain in this state.

Put in another way, if you (or someone else) doesn’t use the domain, then there is no message volume to report on.

I totally get your approach to try DMARC on a test domain, but you should have some assurances that if you set your DMARC policy to p=none, there will be zero impact to mail flow. I highly recommend this short video series that details these nuances much better (plus visual aids)

Good luck!

Also, be aware that not all mail providers send aggregate reports, eg. Microsoft’s Office365/Outlook/Hotmail/… services

Google and Yahoo do send aggregate reports to the addresses identified in the rua= field of a syntactically correct_dmarc record.