DMARC Inspector passes, Domain Overview says no DMARC

New account as of 2 days ago. I added my TXT record and the DMARC Inspector says my DMARC record is valid. But when I login to DMARC my Domain Overview says No DMARC record. Whassup with that?

I do get the improvement suggestion that “DMARC record “p” tag is set to “none”, which does not prevent abuse on your domain. If you are satisfied with the authentication success of your sending sources, move your policy to a ‘p=quarantine’ or ‘p=reject’.”

I can make that change, but I’d think the domain overview status should match the DMARC Inspector result, right? Help, and thanks!

Hi therring123 and welcome to the forums!

Since this is a dmarcian support question I recommend you contact so that they can assist you with your account. This is a potential issue best reviewed and investigated with full account details, which you may not wish to share here.

Meanwhile, there could be a few reasons why the domain overview is not matching the DMARC inspector.

  • DNS caching. It is possible our system is caching a negative result, meaning caching the result that there were no record when last checked. If so, clicking on the refresh option for this domain should fetch the existing record from the DNS.
  • The DMARC validator is being used instead of the DMARC inspector. The validator simply verifies a DMARC’s syntax text, while the inspector is performing a DNS lookup. Ensure the right tool is being used.

If neither of the above resolves your issue, drop us a line at and we’ll get to the bottom of this with you!

I hope this helps.

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