Unable to determine DKIM state

So I setup three domains last week and one of them seems to be ok but the other two just report DKIM:no signing and under the details say “Unable to determine DKIM state.” Everything seems to check out though, I’m just wondering what I might have missed… Thanks!

How many mails are reported for each domain? If no valid DKIM signed mail is reported then signing cannot be confirmed.

I don’t guess it appears that any emails are reported but I know the domains are receiving mail. Sorry but I’m new to DMARC in general. Is it reporting on inbound mail or outbound? Thanks!

Ok, I guess I just had to wait long enough. It took a week for my last domain to start “reporting”.

Hi @leftovrbacon, the reply from @opvind is spot on. Until our application has consumed reports for that domain, we are unable to determine if DKIM is sufficiently configured. We have plans to improve that error/warn message.

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Hi, the DMARC reports are for all the email traffic you are sending outbound to the world using your domains.

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Just to clear up what I said, The DMARC reports are for the emails sent outbound for the Header From domain & not all receivers of email send DMARC reports yet but there are thousands who do.

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