Yahoo sending mail to junk

I have all the recommended DMARC, SFP etc records and my IP does not show up on any spam lists, but Yahoo puts all messages from my IP (2 domains) into Junk.
How can I get this fixed - Yahoo doesn;t reply to messages

What does your DMARC and SPF records look like?
Do you have any DMARC data indicating why Yahoo does that?
Do you have data indicating other mail exchanges handling your mail as not junk?

Many thanks for replying. Sorry for the delay but the Forum initially blocked my post…

The DNS records say…

v=spf1 +all


TXT o=-

TXT v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none;; ruf=mailto:supp

I’ve no feedback on Yahoo

Other email exchanges give no trouble (gmail etc) except ones like Sky that use Yahoo

I’ve also checked Spamhaus for the domain names and IP address – all clear


Hi Phil,

Your SPF “v=spf1 +all” must be a mistake, as it will allow any and all servers on the internet to send compliant mail on your behalf.

With a policy of p=none; sp=none;, DMARC compliance issues are not the reason for treating your mail as junk.

What does the rua reporting from Yahoo reveal? (DKIM domain and selector, SPF domain)

Hi Niels

I don’t seem to be getting any rua reporting from Yahoo or anyone else. My Dmarcian reports say no issues, but I may have not set things up correctly

(I’ll fix the spf record)


Hi Neils

Please can you help with the SPF record as well (I’ve done some research, but I’m confused) …

Here’s the detail (i’ve had to remove the . before .net to get the message to post)

I have a number of “customers” ( actually photographic clubs) who use my software.

Each club has an email account of the form ClubName@photocompentries net.

My software sends messages from my server to their competition entrants.


v=spf1 ptr:photocompentries net ~all


(my PTR record says / 24 PTR photocompentries net

so I don’t really see the point)

If an entrant replies to ClubName@photocompentries net, the reply is forwarded to an email account of their choice. Do I need a “redirect” record as well?

I also have a separate domain for my own use on the same server with a domain name of, and I’m even more confused here!

Most of the email from this domain goes via my server, so I know the IP address, but

I also need to send from my phone, laptop etc with an unknown and varying IP address, so I can’t use the IP option

Would a similar SPF record as above be suitable?

Many thanks


Hi Phil,

This probably comes down to the reputation of your domains.
Here are a couple of interesting links for you to consider.
Netcraft rate your website as a risk of 6 out 10

And hardenize does not like the certificate name on your mail server

There is a website associated with the domain name but no content to speak of yet it is running https. This may affect the domains reputation as it supports broken ciphers such as RC4.

Best wishes

Here is another link showing the issue with the server certificate


Unforunately the link just returns

Use of CheckTLS web services requires CUSTOMERCODE and CUSTOMERPASS

Strange! Okay, in that case, go to the home page

and enter in the check it box
and the click on Show Detail

Many thanks
I’ve changed the DNS record to remove the “mail.” - waiting for propogation

i have exactly the same issue. We are in Canada and apparently rogers and yahoo email accounts are handled by verizon. We have tried to change ips a couple of times and i have the same issue with two domains… The error message it get is as follows:

( 553 5.7.2 [TSS09]
All messages from will be permanently deferred; Retrying will
NOT succeed. See Verizon Media Error Codes)"

We are desperate to make this work…any ideas would be so appreciated.

Sorry - I’ve had no success at all. I keep trying the Yahoo complaints page but never get a reply.
I think we need an American user to complain to the FCC that provisions of the CAN_Spam act is being incorrecty applied and is affecting commerce.
CAN-SPAM | Federal Communications Commission.
I tried to send this via the FCC consumer complaints page but it requires a US address and phone number.

“I and a number of other companies are finding that our commercial activity is being disrupted because Yahoo is treating legitimate emails, such as payment receipts, responses to requests for informaition, as spam. The problem is compounded by Yahoo failing to respond to repeated requests to look into and correct the issue. The FCC should force Yahoo to respond to such requests in a timely manner.”

Hi Kool Andrew,

I could see that your IP address is listed here

This is the rDNS found:

This IP was flagged due to misconfiguration of the e-mail service or the suspicion that there is no MTA at it.

It might be worth getting the address removed from the list