What is my next action, DKIM 0%, SPF 0%, DKIM 0%

Source	Volume	DMARC Compliance	SPF Alignment	DKIM Alignment

Amazon SES 1
SPF 0%

I received DMARC report from Yahoo,

What is my next action,

IF it is legitimate mail for your (company’s) domain, THEN you should document your use of Amazonses services for email, AND configure your subscription at Amazonses to

  • DKIM sign messages for your domain and/or
  • use your domain in the EnvelopeFrom/ReturnPath/RFC5321.From address
    This includes publishing DNS records to support this.

IF NOT, you just ignore it.

Thanks for your advice. Happy if you can explain it, I,m not familiar some wording

One message (1) is not much to go on.

SPF says the mail comes from amazonses.com, DKIM says it was signed by worldsecuresystems.com, and none of those two domains align with the sender domain. So, DMARC fails.

Either the sender is legit, but unconfigured/misconfigured, or the sender is fraudulent. It is up to you to find out.