Is anyone else having issues with Hotmail?

Hey folks,

I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues with Hotmail sending your emails straight to junk.

We have a dedicated IP address from Amazon, our DMARC setup is solid, our content is highly scored by mail-tester and we don’t have this issue with any other receiving domain.

All my googling just talks about how to whitelist a domain as a recipient, but I just can’t figure out what it is about our emails that annoys Hotmail.

Any suggestions?

I assume that Hotmail and Outlook are pretty much the same, nowadays? And I got the same issue with my mails ending up in the Junk folder in Outlook, even though the mails are SPF, DKIM and DMARC valid and the mail server isn’t listed in any (bad) reputation lists. It even has TLSA-DANE configured and scores 100 % in’s mail test.

So I don’t really know what to do differently, except discourage the use of Microsoft mail solutions? Obviously Microsoft completely disregard SPF, DKIM and DMARC validity in favour of their own arbitrary reputation lists.


Please check your Hotmail settings>Junk email>Filters>Only trust email from my Safe … lists.
If set, anything from unknown senders will be delivered in your Junk email folder, with no regard to DMARC pass/fail.

Seems to be the same settings that are available in Outlook, however unchecking the settings doesn’t change the behaviour. Mails from my private domain still end up in Junk.