You have a strict DMARC policy in place, but you have uncompliant sources

I have a domain where I get this message in Domain Details:
You have a strict DMARC policy in place, but you have uncompliant sources.
I have trouble finding the uncompliance or at least how to solve it…

I have spf dmarc and dkim
Mailchip - all green
Office 365 - all green
SPF Ide - All green
SendGrid inc. i Orange dmarc 0% spf 0% dkim 0% (and I think that might be the issue)
my spf includes sendgrid:
v=spf1 a -all
dmarc record:
v=DMARC1; p=quarantine;; pct=50;

Your SendGrid account may not yet be configured with DKIM signing and correct DNS records (DKIM, and CNAME). When properly set up, it should not be necessary to have in your SPF, although you may want to check with SendGrid about that. (Same with MailChimp, probably.)

So you need to identify and talk to the person(s) using SendGrid in your organisation. They’ll be wondering why 50 % of their stuff currently ends up in spam folders.

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As @opvind mentioned, you’ll need to determine who is using SendGrid to send e-mail on behalf of your organization.

Assuming the use of SendGrid is sanctioned/appropriate you will want to follow the instructions on the page below to make sure SendGrid is set up to be compliant with DMARC.

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Thank you both, 3 days ago I followed the “domain authentication” as @eric also sent, nothing has changed, however I dont think there has been any emails going out from Sendgrid just yet…
thank you both im sure im on the right path

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Hi Everyone.
Thank you @eric and @opvind for responding to @LarsJuhl inquiry!

I checked with my technical team at dmarcian and confirmed that you are on the right track Lars. Please let us know any follow up questions you might have.
Kind Regards,