Dkim dmarc=fail , raw =none , will email get reject if we set to p=reject?

Not sure the following answer is right ?
Even though there is no DKIM, because the “Sender” and “From” addresses align, it is not an issue, and DMARC still passes
authentication-results: spf=pass (sender IP is ; dkim=none (message not signed)

header.d=none;dmarc=pass action=none (this will change to reject later ); compauth=pass reason=100

x-forefront-antispam-report: CIP:;CTRY:US;LANG:en;SCL:1;

Hi davids and welcome to the forum!

The individual DMARC column within the SPF and DKIM column groups refers to the DMARC verdict for each underlying authentication mechanism. Meaning, DMARC is aligned for SPF, but not for DKIM. Since DMARC requires that either SPF OR DKIM pass and be in alignment for the overall check to be successful. This means these emails are DMARC compliant through SPF alone.

While not necessary for DMARC compliance, I do recommend that both SPF and DKIM be configured wherever possible. I recommend you contact Qvalent and inquire if they support DKIM signing in alignment with your domain.

I hope this helps!


Hi Asher,

Many thanks for the solution. It is relief to know passing DMARC policy only need SPF pass as the vendor does not support DKIM. Love your work!!

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