Shopify/SendGrid DKIM NXDOMAIN Issue

Hi all

I’ve gone back and forth with Shopify Support on this and they seem to think there’s no issue on their end. I’d like to get your feedback to see if you agree with them or whether you agree with me that there does appear to be an issue with Shopify/SendGrid (Shopify uses the SendGrid API to send mail from stores).

When setting up Shopify DKIM, I had to add 3 CNAME records to my DNS (GoDaddy). They are p5w, p5w2 and p5w3.

I’m 90% certain p5w3 isn’t working correctly (I.e. it will never return a public key) because nslookup and Google Dig say NXDOMAIN which means “non-existent domain”.

I don’t know whether this makes it a Shopify problem or a SendGrid problem, but I would love some feedback. If I’m wrong and it’s not a Shopify or SendGrid fault, I’d also love to understand the ‘why’.

If there’s someone out here that understands DKIM better than I do, I’d appreciate some of your wisdom!

Thanks in advance

Hi Dmarkymark
It’s difficult to say for sure, but one reason for a provider to ask for several cnames for DKIM keys is that having more than one makes it possible to rotate keys without involving the customer or disrupting the service. Two cnames should normally suffice for that, though.
I wouldn’t be concerned that the provider doesn’t populate DNS records behind “spare” cnames until new keys are about to be rotated in.

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Thanks opvind. Makes sense!