Adding SendGrid SFP and DKIM question

I use a payment automation service that sends out emails to my customers about updating payment methods on file if they are expired or when I first set a customer up in this system they’ll get a welcome email. This payment service uses SendGrid as the ESP it seems. I reached out to my vendor to see if I can add SFP/DKIM records to improve alignment for this Source. They responded and said they do offer DKIM and wanted to know which domain I would like them to generate the records for. I gave them my domain and also asked about SPF and they responded that they do offer SPF as well. They then responded back with 3 records.

The first is a MX Record which has a host that is em444.mydomain and a Value of

The second is a TXT Record which has a host that is em444.mydomain and a Value of v=spf1 ip4: -all so that’s my SPF record

The third is a TXT Record which has a host that is and has a Value of k=rsa; t=s; p=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx which is the DKIM record

What is that first MX record for? Also, in the DKIM record shouldn’t it start with v=DKIM1;

I’m kind of new to this SPF/DKIM/DMARC thing so forgive me if my question is not asked correctly, I’m happy to elaborate on anything if it helps. Thanks in advance!

That record is to insure that replies to return-path are handled by SendGrid.

Yes. You can simply prepend that to rest of the data.

There is no need to obfuscate the public key in your DKIM record.

Thank you LinkP for the reply, especially the direction on the MX record and the return-path. This is still kind of new to me but I’m understanding now that the return-path is used for bounced emails. It seems creating a CNAME record is the way to go for this.

I assumed the tech who sent me the info for the DKIM records just let off the v=DKIM1; so thanks for confirming for me.