Just wondering if you were aware. Wouldn’t make for great PR…

Hello @just-wondering. Thank you for your note and concern. This particular entity is not our customer. They have their DNS pointed to our service, and we have little to no recourse on requiring them to “unpoint” their DMARC records to us. dmarcian never has and never will condone a culture of hate, violence and inequality. We actively work against those forces with ethical business management and as a Benefit Corporation. As our COO says, we strive to use our successful business for the greater good–to connect to each other, to the community around us, and to the larger environment–it elevates that success beyond bettering ourselves and turns it into lasting change for a better world.

Thanks for the clarification and thorough response! Was doing some light sleuthing to see which cloud services hate groups were using. Will remove this forum post as the subject is misleading.