New dmarcian User Interface, thoughts?

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is safe and well. What do you all think about the new UI? I quite like it as it is much cleaner and easier on the eye, for me anyway.

Thank you.

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Hi Marc
Thanks for the heads-up. I wasn’t aware of the change of UI, and so I checked the detail viewer that I use the most:

The timeline charts on the Compliant/Non-capable/Forwarders/Threat tabs do not always show (esp for long timeframes), and when they do, they are about 1 cm high x 30-44 cm wide, making it difficult to see fluctuations.

The details shown when clicking on links in the Reporter column looks cool, and may become useful when I learn how to read them.


The new UI looks great.
I’m still finding my way around, but think at the new graphic somehow have helped.

Thought there are one point, I still wish a better control over and that is the preference setting.
We use Dmarcian as a tool in implementing DMARC for a lot of our customer, and we have grouped these customer in domain groups, but when alle the groups as default have there domain list open, there are a lot of scrolling, when moving from group to group.

A way to personalize ones preference with things like:

  • default open or close domain groups
  • number of default viewed domains in a group
  • personalize domain group ordre

in short, a better controller and options in ones preferences would be great :slight_smile:

:hugs: Thank you for the feedback all!

All best, Ger Kuzmova, dmarcian UX/UI