Qq.com DMARC reports


Can someone please check DMARC reports received from qq.com domain?
The problem is that this is the only destination that is not compliant in my case.

My guess is that dmarcian is unable to parse their reports properly.

Here’s what I see in the report:
they use numbers instead of ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

Please advice what can be done in this case.

Thanks you.

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I’m seeing the same thing. Our email from Leanplum and Mandrill are valid on other reporters but qq.com and instead of pass/fail there is the number 4.

Hi @DXInfinity and @Jyri, we’ve been tracking qq as well and have begun to filter out their reports. This function was completed on 12/18. Of note, Yahoo has been sending reports sporadically lately. We are processing 100% of what they send fwiw.

Additionally, we’ve been keeping tabs on qq and are starting to eliminate some of their reports. On December 18th, this task was done successfully. It’s worth noting that Yahoo has only been sending out reports on rare occasions recently. For the record, we’re dealing with everything they submit.