Policy planner and uncompliant sources

I’d really like to use the policy planner to help me schedule our DMARC ramp up… however it appears to be stuck at recommending I soften my policy and make sure all of my sources are compliant. However the uncompliant source it refers to is not a legitimate source and is precisely one of the sources I’d like to weed out using DMARC to begin with.

Is there any way to ignore that source and use the policy planner as intended?

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Hi @BBI_IT, the policy planner in your case may not represent the best guiding signal. If you have +98% compliance against the sources you ‘authorize’, that should suffice to begin ramping your policy. A somewhat risk adverse ramp progression would look like this. You could of course reduce the time to reject, depending on a number of factors.

  • Week 1 quarantine pct=25%
  • Week 2 quarantine pct=50%
  • Week 3 quarantine pct=75%
  • Week 4 reject pct=1%
  • Week 5 reject pct=25%
  • Week 6 reject pct=50%
  • Week 7 reject pct=75%
  • Week 8 reject pct=100%