Question about advancing DMARC policy, why no Q100%?

On this page the recommended risk-averse weekly progression goes from Quarantine 25% on week 1, to Q50% on week 2, Q75% on week 3, and then jumps to Rejecting 1% on week 4.

Why not Quarantine 100% on week 4 before moving to Reject starting week 5?

It is virtually the same. In fact, the pct tag has a range of 0-100 %, so you can use p=reject; pct=0 in week 4. As (100 - pct) % is processed at the policy level lower than specified, p=quarantine; pct=100; is equivalent to p=reject; pct=0;

On a side note: I have seen better reporting using p=quarantine; than with p=none;, so I prefer moving quickly from p=none; to p=quarantine; pct=0; while gathering info about email sources and making them compliant.

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