Dmarc is setup and valid using dmarcian record in Oracle DNS. The dmarcian generator also shows a Location/Target value. I don’t see any instructions in Oracle DYN help for setting that value. Is that needed?

You’re question was a bit confusing without sufficient context. I think you are asking about the output of the DMARC Record Wizard. The Target / Host / Location is the DNS name you need to create. Follow the directions for Add TXT Record in your provider’s documentation.

I did add the dmarc text record to my Oracle DYN DNS and it passes. When I created the text with dmarcian record wizard there were two texts that could be copied. Oncewas the dmarc text which I used for DNS and there was another underneath called Location/Target . It showed _dmarcian.domain.com . Do I disregard that one?

Can you share the content as well as where you went to create it? I have been using dmarcian extensively for several years and I have not encountered what you are describing.

dmarcian - DMARC Wizard

The wizard creates a record and below it a Location/Target record, i.e. _dmarc.domain.com

In order to use that DMARC record, you have to publish it in your DNS. This means that you have to create a TXT record at _dmarc.example.com that contains v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; rua=mailto:report@example.com; .

Obviously you need to use your DMARC record with your dmarcian reporting address.

Can you more explicitly describe what part you are having difficulty following?

I see. I hadn’t noticed that, but it is the name of my Dmarc text record in Oracle DNS.
Thank You!

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