Is there a way to reset the data for a domain?

I started an account back in April but I’ve not been able to work on progressing DMARC on it until now, and of course it’s accumulated a lot of data. It’s saying I have uncompliant sources but none of them should be a source. I’d therefore like to clear the data so far and start again so I can really tell what the current picture is.

So is there a way to clear the data other than maybe deleting the account and starting again? I’m not sure if that would even work.

I’m not aware of an easy way to delete data, but I would not want to delete data for my account.

Domain Overview, Domain Details, and Source Viewer all display data for the latest 7 days only.
In Detail Viewer you can specify your period of interest, and thus filter out (or include) old data. Again, the default is the latest 7 days.

Btw, a source is always a source - however, it can be legitimate or not in the context of your domain, as seen in SPF, DKIM, and DMARC pass or fail.

Yes, but the current data is not allowing me to set the domain as compliant because something months ago told it Google was not compliant. I need to start again as we have shored up numerous issues with our domain and want a fresh start with clean data.

As I see it, DMARCIAN provides guidance only. If you know you’re compliant, and you understand why DMARCIAN (wrongly) tells you otherwise then press on. You are in charge of your domain. If you need to convince local powers first, you must try to do so.

Resetting/deleting data is - if possible - a matter for DMARCIAN support AFAIK.

If you’ve corrected the issues to ensure all your sources are compliant the “non-compliant sources” will eventually fall off the dashboard as time progresses. I had non-complainant sources when I started but after I corrected them there were no new messages being marked as non-complainant so eventually they were not displayed in the reports.

There is no user setting to mark a domain as “compliant” in Dmarcian that I am aware of. Domains are not marked as compliant or non-compliant, mail sources are.

All you have to do in your Dmarcian account is view the data starting from the date you know you had the issues corrected. For example if you had everything fixed as of September 1st, 2019, the run a report to show from that date to present. The old logs will not affect the new data or other functionality if you exclude them from the reports.

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Thank-you, that’s what I needed to know.