How to setup TLS Reporting

I see a new beta tab in my DMARCian control panel labeled “TLS Reporting”. To test this out I setup up MTA-STS and TLS-RPT on a couple of domains. These reports have been empty so I assume that there have simply been no reports, but I’m not sure I set things up correctly.

SMTP TLS Reporting (TLS-RPT) simply involves setting a TXT record.
_smtp._tls v=TLSRPTv1;

I am wondering if setting my rua reports to go to my DMARCian account is the correct way to do things.

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Hi @bill

You will need to make a tiny edit. Instead of ;

It ought to be :

where you swap out the ‘ag’ for ‘tls’

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Thanks @dan_prime. I now see the TLS reports showing up in the TLS Manager in the DMARCian dashboard.