Hosting TLS policy files?

Hi -

Will Dmarcian make available the hosting for policy files?

Hi thinruin,

Our implementation of TLS reporting and MTA-STS is still under review. Our first iteration is now available, which means further discussions regarding future enhancement is ongoing. While I can’t promise that we will, your question has been noted. If you have specific needs that this would solve for you specifically, please feel free to let us know! You can do so here, or reach out through our contact page.

Thanks for the insight Asher!

Some reasons to consider offering to host the file, instead of having clients host it:

  • It will make adoption of MTA-STS easier, by an order of magnitude, to your clients.

  • Your MSP clients support many many domains which translates to policy host files across many many different subdomains to manage.

  • Clients may have web hosting services that do not include sub domains, and would need to purchase a different hosting plan to accommodate sub domains.

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