How long does it take to activate ag mailbox?

Hello, we enabled DMARC policy today and set the RUA to a mailbox as per instruction.

question: how long will it take for the RUA mailbox to become activated? or how long before we can start to see RUA reports in the console?

Hi Bills,
Thanks for sending in and welcome to the community.
Once the DNS record has been changed, we typically wait a week’s time of collecting data for an accurate set of RUA reports to be in the platform.

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Hi Bills,
Reporters typically send aggregate reports to DMARC enabled sender domains once a day, so you may start seeing your first data within 24 hours after publishing your policy, provided that an email claiming to be from your domain hits a reporter. But, depending on the mail volume and destinations it may take a week or more before you have enough data to make useful reports as @sean suggested.