FAQ: What is the Timeline feature?

dmarcian’s platform gathers all of the disparate pieces of information about how your domain is utilized across the Internet (sources sending on your behalf, authorized or not, DNS records across vendors, etc…) and helps you make sense of it all. To that end, we are proud to announce a highly anticipated new feature – our Timeline.

The Timeline provides a visual representation of your domain’s DNS history which makes issues easy to find and obvious to tackle. You can easily see when a record has been added or modified and is an invaluable tool when it comes to debugging your progress.

You’ll no longer have to log into separate platforms to view all of your DNS changes. All the relevant information for your DNS can be viewed in a single location to help in plotting a course to implementing a DMARC policy.

The Timeline is accessed via the Domain Manager menu once logged into your dmarcian account. Currently available for all Basic, Plus, and Enterprise accounts, with event history bound to each tier’s data availability.

New capabilities for the Timeline are coming soon, including SPF and DKIM tracking!

Each event can be expanded in greater detail by clicking the arrow.

Record changes are highlighted in pink.

In this example, you can see the moment we noticed a DMARC record becoming valid, and the policy was set to quarantine along with other changes.

The Timeline feature is a great way to check the validity of a DMARC record.