Dmarcian shows DKIM 0% pass but mail sent show DKIM pass?

We have had dmarcian collecting data for some time. We have gone through the steps to set up SPF and DKIM and have set our DMARC record to just report. In the logs I am seeing 0% DKIM pass. The data for DKIM says either none or fail-unaligned. So I figure I must have done something wrong.

But I send myself an email to an outside address and look at the header and DKIM passes. I’m not sure what to make of it all. I have been through the various steps to make sure I have things right but seem I must be missing something. We use Mimecast and Office365.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Sharris and welcome to the forum!

Without the email headers I will need to make some assumptions here.

The dmarcian compliance rate is based on DMARC alignment. The SPF and DKIM authentication check can still pass, but if the domains are not in alignment the compliance level on the console will state 0%.

When you look at the email headers, I will venture and say that while DKIM may say pass, compare the DKIM d= value of the DKIM signature header with the domain of the “from” header. They are likely different.

If you are still not certain of the results, please message me privately and we can go over your account and data together.

I hope this helps!