Dmarcian report - Dmarc compliance 100 % but "fail-unaligned"

Hi all,
I don’t understand a dmarcian report who display :

  • DMARC compliance to 100 %
  • But display some DMARC “fail-unaligned” :

1st question :
why 100 % compliance if there are some “fail-unaligned” ?
2nd question:
In this case, i don’t understand how can i fix this, can someone help me where to start ?

Best regards.

DMARC pass verdict requires SPF OR DKIM to be aligned and passing, not both. In your example, DKIM is aligned and passing, thus it passes DMARC.

The DMARC column does not represent an average between DKIM and SPF passing, it represents the total coverage of emails passing DMARC. Between SPF and DKIM, you reached 100 compliance. This is common and expected from most sources.

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SPF is unaligned but DKIM is aligned, that’s why DMARC is pass. Either SPF or DKIM should be pass with alignment, not both. It’s best to have both pass, but in reality it’s difficult. For this case, DKIM is pass aligned, it’s better than only SPF pass, because DKIM can be pass for forwarding emails.

To fix spf-unaligned, you will have to adjust mail-from domain in
But If I were you I wouldn’t worry about this, because it’s already DKIM pass.

I hope this will help.

Hello Asher and OtsukaCG !
Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I was unaware that the DMARC protocol could be valid with either SPF or DKIM.
Thank you both for your validation.

I wish you a good day !