Customize search and groups for DMARC status validation


I am a Project Manager at the Danish Agency for Governmental IT Services.

At the moment, we have a lot of DMARC projects, and I have to make a lot of DMARC status checking, to see how far we have gotten with the different organizations.

We have some groupings for the different domains and they are grouped after which organization the domain belongs to.

Sometimes I have a task to check 10-20 domains for their status, and they can be placed in different groups. In these cases I need an Ad Hoc group, only showing the domains I lists at that moment.

Like, show me DMARC status for

Can I do that in Dmarcian?
If so, how?

Best Regards,

Poul B

Hi @Poul.B,

I was doing some testing and it does appear that you can achieve what you are hoping to do. Here are the steps:

  • Create the ‘new group’
  • Re-add the select domains you want to live in this ‘new group’. During the add function, you must specify this ‘new group’
  • Done! You should see that a single domain will have association to multiple groups

Please note that whereas my testing did work, I’ve not yet understood any/all risks associated with this function. I have tested that if you delete either of the incidences of the domain, it will remove both. You will then need to just add it back.

I hope this gives you enough to test with. Please do let us know what you find. We’d be very willing to explore feature enhancements.