SPF/DKIM/DMARC bulk checker

I’m looking for a way to check SPF, DKIM, and DMARC is in place for a few hundred domains at once. dmarcguide.globalcyberalliance.org has a bulk scan option, but their sites keeps breaking even to do one at a time. Anyone know of any other sites/tools with a bulk scan option?

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You will probably need to either write something yourself or leverage the API of a paid service.

My favarite tool for checking SPF and DMARC is checkdmarc.
It’s a CLI tool written in Python. I use it a lot from my Windows 11 WSL.
This tool is really amazing! It can check not only SPF, DMARC records, but also checks it7s validity and warnings if any.
I think you can easily check 100 domains by writing a super simple python or even shell script, dump the results in CSV or JSON files.

For DKIM, I’ve tried several tools, but I haven’t found really good one. I use my own python script to run dig command with selectors supplied from text file.