Authorize sending of forensic reports to another domain?

I want to have forensic reports sent to another domain than the one the specific DMARC-record is set up on.
I could setup a forwarding rule on an existing mail address or create an alias, but that will cost a license and is a bit cumbersome in my situation.

I can write any mail address in the DMARC-record, but the “Domain overview” UI consistently warns me that the DMARC for “needs attention”.
In the hover text it states: has not authorized your domain to send “ruf” reports to their address.”

How do I obtain or configure this authorization?
Will the current configuration avert some senders from sending forensic reports, since they go to another domain (I do get some reports)?

Hi there, thanks for your inquiry. The DMARC spec allows for a few different means of receiving data. In your example, you will need to satisfy something called External Verification, which addresses exactly what you are looking for. We’ve detailed the steps necessary here: . It’s just a matter of adding another TXT record. I hope this helps.