What happens to the other 99%?

I currently have my policy set to Quarantine. The Policy Advisor is telling me it’s time to move to a more aggressive policy, suggesting p=reject;pct=1.

But I’m unclear how that is actually more aggressive; right now, all mail that fails gets quarantined, but as I understand it, with p=reject;pct=1, while a small percentage of failing mail will be rejected, the other 99% will get delivered to the destination inbox!

Am I understanding that correctly, or will that other 99% get quarantined instead of delivered?

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Hi Jetkins,

Take a look at What is the pct (percentage) tag in a DMARC Record? - dmarcian
Perhaps the relevant line is

For example, a DMARC record with p=reject; pct=50 is rejecting 50% of email; the other 50% falls back to the next lower policy in the sequence, which is quarantine in this case.

Hope this helps.


Perfect, thanks. That’s what I hoped would happen, but it’s nice to see it confirmed.