Void lookup: no records found for "_spf.zen.co.uk A and AAAA"

Hi, I have this ‘issue’ being reported in my Domain summary report but am unsure how to clear it.

The full issue reads: Void lookup: no records found for “_spf.zen.co.uk A and AAAA” while evaluating “a:_spf.zen.co.uk”.

I have access and can edit/create DNS records, I assume that is where I need to add or create this but there are three spaces for each entry - Hostname - is that _spf.zen.co.uk ? Type - that can be selected as A or AAAA - do I need both i.e two records and finally Destination IPv4 address - what do I put there?

Any help would be appreciated.

It seems odd. Do you want to authorize a host named _spf.zen.co.uk to send mail for your domain?
Perhaps it should be “include:_spf.zen.co.uk” in your SPF text record?

Hi Michael,
Have you considered the possibility that your SPF record is not correct?

Hi Michael,
OK: your SPF record may be syntactically valid, and yet have incorrect content.

Unless you have access to DNS for zen.co.uk you can’t change the fact that _spf.zen.co.uk has no A record. It does, however, have a TXT record, so changing the SPF record for your domain to
v=spf1 ip4: include:_spf.zen.co.uk include:authsmtp.com ~all
may work better (remember to put in the correct ip4 address instead of This is also syntactically correct.

I’m just guessing here, but you can try it.