FAQ: DKIM/SPF Resources

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Q: How can SPF/DKIM pass, and yet DMARC fail?

Q: What is alignment / identifier alignment?

A: Please see this article for a detailed answer to both questions above: https://dmarcian.com/how-can-spfdkim-pass-and-yet-dmarc-fail/

Q: I need additional help and resource around DKIM. Do you provide any help with this?

A: The definitive free resource on all things DKIM is dkim.org and the FAQs are helpful: http://dkim.org/info/dkim-faq.html

We do offer dedicated phone support packages to help you navigate the complexities of email security. To learn more please visit: https://dmarcian.com/dedicated-support/ or contact sales@dmarcian.com

Category: SPF

1.Q: What does ‘too many DNS lookups’ mean as an error on my SPF record? And/or how do I fix that?

A: Please see this article: https://dmarcian.com/too-many-dns-lookups/

2. Q: What does this SPF warning mean?: “No A or AAAA records found for ”

A: You are using an ‘a’ mechanism in your SPF record and no A (or AAAA) record was found for the specified domain/source. An A record maps a domain name to the IP address (IPv4) of the computer hosting the domain. When the IP address is in the IPv6 format, an AAAA record is used instead.

If the domain is in your control, add an A record at whatever control panel you use to manage your DNS records.

If the domain is not in your control, delete the ‘a’ mechanism from your SPF record and find another appropriate mechanism to use.

Q: Should include statements be listed first in the SPF record or does it matter?

A: The short answer is yes, the best practice is to list include statements in the order of importance. The longer answer is to check out the definitive resource on SPF https://dmarcian.com/spf-syntax-table/