Taleo (Oracle)

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I found two Oracle Support articles that address SPF, and one of them addresses DKIM and DMARC.
Both documents require that you register for an Oracle[.]com account, and may require association with a valid support agreement.
Oracle Doc ID 2248556.1 seems fairly useless, suggesting (if I get their drift) that you simply do an SPF lookup against taleo[.]net Doc ID 2316879.1 was much more informative:


Thank you for the information provided!

Indeed - all Oracle articles are “hidden”, i.e. an account with a paid support/maintenance package is needed. I’m not entirely sure if what I’m asking would violate Oracle’s ToS, but would you be able to provide just a couple of screenshots so I could verify that’s the article I can place in our system? That would be greatly appreciated!

Once I’m able to verify the contents of the article, it will be changed in our system. If you happen to come across any source information that needs updating, please continue to provide it! It’s much appreciated.