New user. What does "forwarded" mean re: domain?

I just recently signed up, and have two questions.

First, I signed up because–even after installing a DMARC notations on my domain DNS, some of my personal emails are still going to spam for some people. Thus, I want to fix this problem of other email systems erroneously assuming that my domain is potential spam. Currently, I have my notation with p set to “none.” I assume that my next step is to set it to “quarantine,” and then “reject,” yes? And–most importantly, when I do set it to “reject,” will those domains treating my email like spam stop doing so?

Second, I am now looking at several days of data, where on my one active domain, 96% are “DMARC capable” and 4% are “forwarded.” What does “forwarded” mean, and what can I learn to respond to this? I am assuming having even one “forwarded” is likely not good?

Thanks very much!

Forwarded means that the mail was delivered to the recipient’s mail system by a server that was not SPF authorized by the Sender’s domain (RFC5322), as is often the case for forwarded mail (SPF is not aligned).

IF the mail was properly DKIM signed by the sender, AND the signature or the signed parts of the mail was not modified in the forwarding process, THEN the mail will be DMARC compliant when received at the final destination (DKIM check succeeds, and is aligned).