Local servers that send mail + dmarcian

This has probably been discussed but how can I include local servers to dmarcian? I have several domains and subdomains configured and everything is working great!..but some of our local servers deliver mail successfully (using internal SMTP servers, etc.) show in DMARCian as non-compliant. How can I add these?

Hi itops and welcome to the forums.

The dmarcian platform only displays data received by reporters. This aggregate data represent the way those systems are sending mail. Configuring them to be DMARC compliant is not related to dmarcian, but their current SPF and DKIM configuration. Pay close attention to the SPF and DKIM columns in the detail viewer.

In order to pass a DMARC check, the DKIM signing domain (d=) must be the same domain (or subdomain if relaxed alignment is used) of the domain used as the From header, seen in the first column to the left. In the case of SPF, the return-path used follows the same rules described above.

If you are seeing your server hostnames as sending email, which may be the case based on how you are describing your case, the fix can be numerous depending on how much effort you want to put into it and as such I can’t advise without seeing the data itself. However, deploying an SPF record for your server names that are seen sending email directly can help making this kind of email stream compliant.

I hope this helps