Helping SMBs survive

We think that MSPs will need to help SMBs with their online presence:

  • Findable - SEO isn’t enough. Local SMBs need local signage to point eyeballs to the online presence, an online presence that is available to all (eg, not requiring pervasive tracking like Facebook etc), and integration with the existing community (mapping software, community directories, civic associations, etc). Local community resources might not even exist.

  • Easy to work with - most SMBs currently route online visitors into in-person visitors. That is, call or visit the location for attention, otherwise send email that will never get attention. The online “service window” is now the front door. SMBs will need lots of help transitioning to this way of life.

  • Trustworthy - SMBs need specific help understanding the online environment and how local customers expect to be treated. Local customers have expectations of privacy, discretion, continuity, and responsiveness that often exceed what larger companies currently provide.

  • Safe/secure - Creating and maintaining both a secure online presence and a secure business office environment is something all SMBs will need help with. SMBs need access to similar levels of expertise that large companies currently enjoy.

MSPs have access to a lot of vendors that can fill out specific technology needs. In our experience, SMBs need more than just product support.