FAQ: Pricing/Plans

Category: Pricing/Plans

Q: I am an MSP with more than 15 domains that dmarcian’s Enterprise Package covers. Does dmarcian have a package that better meets my needs?

A: We work with many MSPs and offer partner programs as well. Please reach out to sales@dmarcian.com.

Q: Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

A: We are happy to give our support to qualified non-profits. If you will provide your 501 c3 tax ID, we will be able to provide you with a quote on a discounted rate which typically starts at -15% off for educational institutions and governments.

Q: How can I get/keep/change back to a free account?

A: an account will remain free as long as

a) the use cases for the domains are entirely personal (e.g. your own domain typically not used for business purposes)

b) ​​the number of active​ domains stays at or below 2

c) the number of active messages is under 10k

Exceeding those limitations may cause automatic expiration of the account, at which point you would need to subscribe to a paid account.

**My volume is slightly above Basic(100k/mo) but not close to that of Plus. What plan do I fall into? **
We charge a volume overage on top of the monthly rate which would allow for increased monitoring. Please contact sales@dmarcian.com for a quote.

The tiers have a limit to the amount of overages before the account needs to be upgraded.
Basic starts at up to 100k/mo and can go up to 250k/mo at which point a Plus subscription is needed.
Plus starts at up to 1M/mo and can go up to 3M/mo at which point a Enterprise Subscription is needed.
Enterprise starts up to 5M/mo and can go up to 20M/mo at which point a unlimited subscription is needed.