Exposing Reporting to clients for MSPs

Does anyone know how we give client’s access to MSP accounts so that they can have access to their reporting? If we are reselling reporting as the entry point for future management sales how do we allow them a portal login to view their real time reporting?

Hi Nick,

Access cannot be granted directly to client as per the MSP agreement. However, you can create/schedule reports and send those to relevant clients via email. Don’t hesitate to send me a private message if you would like to discuss your MSP account further. I will be happy to get you in touch with your MSP rep for further support.

@Asher I’m not sure how to send a private message. Are there other solutions MSP’s have used? The reporting that I get from the dashboard is a little underwhelming. I imagine I can do a data export to build my own visualizations outside of the platform?

You certainly can! I have gone ahead and messaged your privately to ensure you receive the support you need.