DMARC --> SPF --> DKIM showing up and Green lit

Hello All
will my SPF record update , now that my DMARC record is showing -green …we created DMARC 28hrs ago, and SPF & DKIM are showing No Record… so, does that kick in in like 2 days where i will start to get emails a gain… and will emails that i normally get from people I know be delayed possibly?

Hi Christopher and welcome to the forums.

I am not certain I follow, so my apologies if I do not answer your question directly.

I assume the green is in reference to the colour coding of the dmarcian console. If so, green means that a record for the type that is showing green is found in your domain’s DNS and the syntax is correct. If SPF and DKIM are showing no record, it could mean a few thing.


  • The domain has not refreshed yet. Click on the 3 dots additional menu and choose “refresh”.
  • The SPF record was incorrectly published in your DNS.
  • No SPF record was published in your DNS.

These would be the most common option. For DKIM, we require receiving data that confirms signing before we can show it as green due to the nature of how DKIM records work.

If you are still having issues and are using the dmarcian console, drop us a line at with your account details. It’ll be a pleasure to sort this out for you.