Dmarcian says there is no DKIM key on Subdomain

I’m not sure if this is a technical glitch or something else with Dmarcian, but the website is telling me that there is no DKIM key configured for my subdomain. But I can tell you with 100% certainty it is there. MxToolBox, Google, and multiple other sites have confirmed they DKIM key is there. But Dmarcian is showing everything as failing the DKIM check because it does not see the key. Is there anything I can do to force Dmarcian to see the DKIM key?

Hello Brian,
If you are referring to the orange or red DKIM bubble on your Domain Overview page: this will only change status if your dmarcian account receives DMARC data indicating correct (aligned+passing) DKIM signing. Without that information from the DMARC report, the system does not have any way to know if your DKIM signing is correct.
Feel free to contact support if you have further questions on this.

Thank you for the reply. It was just a time issue. Now that the record has been there a few days, dmarciam is showing its working fine, and doing exactly what I need it to do.