Useful Alerts to add

With a bunch of clients added to our portal, I wanted to set up alerts so that I can track whenever something is wrong. For example:

  • If a client starts using a new sending server and did not notify us.
  • If SFP, DKIM and DMARC records are changed or deleted.
  • If there is a spike in non-dmarc complaint volume. (to track point 1)

How are you tracking these and are the other alerts you are monitoring?



Hi Chuck,

I would start by reviewing the functionality provided by Alert Central

For help or assistance with specific aspects of it or how to setup specific alerts, don’t hesitate to reach out to

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the article Asher, however, I have already gone through the available documentation and have set up alerts. My intention was to create a collection of alerts used by the community to help people like me who have just set up their account benefit from specific alerts as opposed to a guide on how to create them. This would maybe help me add alerts that I haven’t thought of.

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I would like to add my vote for these feature requests to the alert central. Could be very useful for resale to our customers like “we keep an eye on and react to sudden changes to DMARC failures”. If for example we have 100 customers with domains added to one or several dmarcian subscriptions, then checking them manually on a schedule could be very time consuming. An alerting e-mail would be a very welcome feature and would make it an easier sell to our customers.