Spf 0% ESP using anpdm.com

Hi there, im a little confused on the ESP and spf
Normally I would just at the ESP record to spf and go
This customer uses Apsis for ESP they seem to use this spf: Spf . anpdm. com and when I add this and test spf I get this error:
No valid SPF record for included domain: Spf.anpdm. com
Also I read that this spf.anpdm.com is just to be removed since it is SenderID not spf ?

Anyone how nows about anpdm.com and spf ? am I supposed to do dmarc instead ?

I don’t know anpdm.com, but their SPF record is at “_spf.anpdm.com”. (note the leading underscore)
ESPs usually set a special return-path in order to handle bounces, and then it does not make sense (SPF-wise) to include their servers in your SPF record.

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APSIS (anpdm . com) use their own domain as SPF domain, so you don’t need their SPF included in your own. You should be able to verify that in your Detail Viewer. In order to make your mail DMARC aligned, you’ll have to set up DKIM with your APSIS Pro account:

/Uffe - Credocom

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okay so no need for spf.
Apsis charge money for being able to dkim - a onetime fee and then monthly I alredy been in contact so I´m heading the right way.
thank you for helping!

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