Misconfigured Mailchimp?

Hi, folks.

I’m fairly new to this stuff, though I (think) I have a decent grasp of the concepts, but I could use a little help understanding what’s up with this email:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be an item from Mailchimp (k1 selector), but sent via Microsoft 365 instead of their own servers, and with a From header that doesn’t match our domain.
I also saw something similar the other week while I was trialing another DMARC service - that one had similar symptoms but was From yet another, unrelated domain.

Am I reading that correctly, and if so, what is it telling me, and is it something that I need to be concerned about? Should I regenerate our Mailchimp DKIM keys as a first step?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jon

You are not wrong. A common explanation is that a Mailchimp recipient autoforwards mail from their M365 mailbox to another mailbox hosted by Google. Autoforwarding regularly breaks SPF alignment.

It is nothing to be concerned with, as DKIM is still aligned and saves the day.