Level of Spoofs

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your excellent suite of analysis tools.

I have two family mail servers and I established my main domain over 20years ago. I had SPF and DKIM set up for several years but only recently added DMARC (when Google et al tightened up).

I have been surprised to discover the extent of email spoofing using my domain name. I suppose compared with other exploits & circumstances, the 15-20 spoofs per day is probably a drop in the ocean. But the domain has been around a long time. A second domain that has only been in existence less than 10yrs seems to be attracting zero spoofs.

I have been examining every reject report and it has indeed been an interesting experience. I would be certain that my domain name has ended up in several RBLs because of this spoofing.

From the experience of others, would I expect the level of spoofing to gradually decline, remain much the same or increase? Due to the effectiveness of DMARC/SPF/DKIM all of these spoof attempts are now “cut off at the knees” rather than getting through or ending in SPAM folders.

Best Wishes,