DMARCIAN confusion/explanation

I understand what DMARC and its various setting are, but I don’t understand how DEMARCIAN as a company interacts with domains. Would someone kindly provide a very basic explanation as to how DEMARCIAN interacts with a domain. Does DEMARCIAN intercept emails to the domain, check it against prepared setting, and then forward back to the domain if passed? If so, is there end-to-end encryption or other security measures to maintain email security and confidentiality?


No user email is sent to dmarcian. When you use a DMARC report aggregation service like dmarcian, you tell email providers where to send their reports by placing your reporting address in your DMARC record in your domain’s DNS.

DMARC reports contain details on emails that uses your domain in the From header. The reports contain the IP of the connecting relay, it’s hostname of known, the envelope sender domain and results of DKIM and SPF tests.

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