DMARC advice for those supporting HubSpot

What configuration is recommended for clients with HubSpot, since HubSpot doesn’t allow for custom return-path entries?

For those with HubSpot, please see this article and Upvote:

The problem is that SPF will not align and DMARC is now relying solely on DKIM success.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.

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You can read info about HubSpot and monitoring software

And want to add tha DMARC and DKIM (email sending domains) are not currently supported in HubSpot Marketing Free accounts. If your organization has a DMARC policy in place, you’ll want to make sure SPF and DKIM are set to ‘relaxed’ alignment.

Thanks for the response!

However, HubSpot’s suggestion to include an SPF entry in our DNS records is ineffective and plain bad advice, unless subscribed to their “Dedicated IP” service ($$$$$). You see, otherwise, the return-path entry in each HubSpot email will authenticate using their DNS records/servers, not ours.