Configure DMARC Subdomain

I would like to use a subdomain to send email from our Marketo platform to external contact.
Assuming that our domain is “” and we would like to use “” as domain, trying to determine all necessary steps to make sure we are DMARC compliant.
We also use Cloudflare as DNS provider.

These are the steps I have in mind:

  1. Create a subdomain “” in host provider
  2. Import the subdomain to Cloudflare
  3. Add Subdomain’s TXT record for SPF configure with Marketo
  4. Configure Marketo to send email as “”
  5. Add this subdomain into DMARCIAN

Could you please confirm that the above is correct or any different suggestions?

I would recommend a dedicated DMARC record for, i.e. It should contain p=none for a start and the same RUA as the DMARC record for the organisational domain ( Configure DKIM as per Marketo How to:

SPF is probably not needed, as most third party mail platforms use their own domain as SPF domain, but that will be revealed when you see actual data in dmarcian.


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