Can't find DKIM Selector in message to myself

Sent an email to myself and investigating the header info but not seeing DKIM-Signature or s= at all. I am trying to find the selector

When I do the dmarc checker I am getting all three validated and dkim is showing as valid. How do I find the selector?

I tried sending from my internal domain where I want to see the DKIM selector to a personal email and could see the selector info then. But if sending from my @internaldomain to my @internaldomain address I get only DKIM=none. Is this normal?

It is totally normal that an email provider ‘trusts itself’, and skips DKIM signing and DMARC checking internal mail.

Send an email to an address at another provider, and DKIM signature and DMARC compliance should be visible in the received mail.

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perfect makes sense thank you